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May 18, 2004





burnumu sokar gibi olmak istemem, umarim alinmazsiniz: cam fistigi "pine peanut" degil de "pine nut" olarak cevrilmeli. "peanut" genel olarak her tur fistik anlamina degil, ozellikle yer fistigi anlamina gelir.


irem cok tesekkurler duzelttirdigin icin!

Rachel Price

Are stuffed vine leaves associated with france? if not which country are they associated with?
Please write back.


Hi Rachel,
If you are asking about the recipe it is a very traditional in Turkey to make stuffed grape leaves but greeks also says that it's their original recipe. Since they are very close countries it seem both may be true...


Can you please tell me how to keep vine leaves for the winter? I have vines here in Canada which I am going to prune.
Many thanks, Christian Grotrian


Can you pickle the stuffed vine leaves so as they keep for a longer period of time. If so, how could I go about it? Many thanks, Laura


Hi christian,
pick the vine leaves (lots of them)and let them rest on a clean sheet for at least 2 days. Later, fold 5-6 of them together into four and stuff them in a jar (preferably in a small one, a jam jar). You should stuff them in such a way that there'll be no room for air. Then close the lid tight. If you don't stuff them in the jar tight enough, they may go bad. Generally they go bad in a couple of days (the leaves change color), and you stuff another jar.

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