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December 03, 2008



hatice hakim ben 2009 sugar ahi ev sahibi Ezra cetin fakat annemin ameliyati sebebiyle etkinlige katilamiyacagim Benin yerime bid baska arkadasi bulursaniz cok sevinirim cevap verirseniz mutlu olurum tesekkurler...


ye30 dan sonra yapılan etkinlik ler neden görünmüyo acaba.......sonrakiler var..


Esra'a, I understand your fire, I would have egnisd if I were younger, but you see, I take it more seriously maybe living here is part of this if I egnisd I would be saying I stand with him on everything,as though I am there with you in Bahrain physically, and willing to risk mefbd™job, for defending his right to free speech and I can't do that. I disapprove of the in your face confrontational tactics.


Man, Mahmood is tweaking the tgiers tail with his comments. I am for him, But reality is that Bahrain is not France or even the Usa . when I was 20 and single i wouldn't have cared. Its all about freedom of speech, and getting the truth out .I am in favor of the truth, but I can't say I approve of shoving it in their faces and telling them to lick it off themselves . Sorry i can't sign.

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